The Mariana Trench is the deepest point on Earth

A fat soluble vitamin that acts as an antioxidant. Alternate atmospheres from background and organ bodies backgrounds and organs backgrounds and organs assists in the use of vitamin the vitamin helps to use vitamin K. Also helps maintain a strong immune system against virusesAnd bacteria. Vitamin E helps cells perform their functions and communicate with each other. Some nuts and seeds contain vitamin Peanuts Brazil nuts pistachios pumpkin seeds pecans or American nuts cashews Green leaves are usually known for beetroots and the edible part of beetroot is its root,but Its green leaves are rarely eaten in fact it can be added to salads or fried in light oil for consumption of bleaching vegetables Leafy green rich in Vitamin E. Each 100 grams of vitamin E contains 1.89 mgvitamin E like other leafy vegetables it also contains many other nutrients such as vitamin AvitaminC magnesium, iron potassium, fiber hazelnut oil sunflower oil almond oil Cottonseed oil saffloweroil rice bran oil grape seed oil canola oil. Palm oil avocado, spinach kiwi broccoli. Trout olive oilshrimp Vitamin functions Biotin is very important for health as it has many functions in the body among which we mention the following Vitamin E helps metabolize protein fats and carbohydrates Preserves hair skin and mucous membranes Supports the functions of the nervous system. It improves psychological factors. Reduces inflammation. Reduce sugarBlood for people with diabetes. Increases levels of beneficial cholesterol and reduces levels of harmful cholesterol The function of vitamin E biotin is very important for health because it has many functions in the body among which are the following points mentioned Vitamin E helps to metabolize protein fats and carbohydrates. Protect hair skin and mucous membranes. Support the function of the nervous system. Improves psychological factors reduce inflammation. To lower blood sugar in diabetics. Increase the level of good cholesterol and reduce the level of bad cholesterol