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Alexandria is historically older than Cairo Al-Muizz

8 items on the history of Alexandria you did not know and will make you amazed.Alexandria is older than Cairo Al-Mouazin by more than 1000 years, Alexandria was adopted in 331 BC, and Cairo Al-Moazin was adopted in 969 AD, meaning more than 1200 years (before Cairo it was in the city of Fustat and expanded a little, but Cairo itself was adopted in the current form in the Fatimid era.Alexander did not find Alexandria after it was completed, because after he entered Egypt he would fight in other places until he died in Iraq, and legend says that he returned buried in Alexandria.Alexandria Adi includes Greeks, Macedonians, Romans (Italians), Persians (Iranians), Byzantines (Eastern Rome), and Arabs from the Arabian Peninsula. All the countries ruled Alexandria for periods of time, and each period led to a need for the country and affected it.The number of Greeks in Alexandria in 1917 was about 56 thousand people, and now their number has decreased to about 4 thousand people, but of course all of them are integrated into Egypt.The present-day Library of Alexandria is a modern building nearby, but the real Library of AlexAlexandria has a whole city buried under the water (Heracleion), and all of the relics and necessities of the Ptolemaic and Roman era, and unfortunately, not much to visit, by the way, the logo of the English Premier League is taken from a statue under the water thereandria burnt down in 48 BC.At the time of Alexandria was divided 5, under 3 of them, under residential, part to the Greeks, part to the Egyptians, and part to the Jews, the part in which the Egyptians lived was the village of Raqouda, which is now called Kom al-Dikka.Finally it remained, Alexandria, Egypt is one of more than 50 cities called Alexandria too around the world and they are located in Canada, Brazil, Italy, Romanel, Turkey, Russia and others, but the most famous of them is Alexandria at all.