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Amsterdam airport clock famous in the Netherlands

This strange clock shows someone wiping the minute hand every minute and drawing another new hand.However what we saw in this watch was the fact that the 12-hour recording gave the viewer the illusion that the workers were performing the tasks The watch was designed by Dutchman Martin Bass who has many similar designs All over the world of course if anyone lands at an airport
He will be disappointed in Amsterdam Amsterdam Airport Schiphol he will never forget the watch at this airport that is almost the last thing he will see and he is not going to see it.
It is normal to change the time every minute by scanning the hands of the clock in every minute in a distinctive way and drawing the next minute after it and it makes you literally suspect that there is a real man who really faces the clock in one of the most ingenious ideas I have ever seen
Now that is necessary for the first time and you see it in a sitting position it opens with you from the large bone in it or it is not necessary.
For a minute this project was implemented by a Dutch designer named Maarten Baas. He is the one who made this real time clock project and worked at the airport from 2016 And of course why does it have to work on the same idea in other places like his project that he did in Salon del Mobile in Italy in the name of 2009 in the year of the year.