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Causes of infections in the body scientifically and from medical reports and health information

What is inflammation?

 Scientifically and from medical reports and health information

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Inflammation is a process of serial, biological, and cellular reactions that helps the body respond to any aggressions, whether they are painful or

  Infection or autoimmune relationship. The inflammation causes a mainly painful sign, which helps determine its presence. The causes of inflammation in the body are many and different, and most of them can be eliminated easily. Perhaps the most prominent of them are: smoking, arterial hypertension, and some autoimmune diseases that affect the thyroid gland, for example, all of which pose a risk of chronic inflammation, and this also applies to obesity, lethargy, laziness or stress and stress.

Inflammation complications The occurrence of inflammation in one of the organs of the body, may negatively affect the function of this organ, or the performance of other functions in the body, and the type of complications and their symptoms depend on the affected organ,

Scientifically and from medical reports and health information, inflammation can occur, for example in the area of ​​a wound during the healing period, this is normal and does not cause concern

But if the infection persists for a long time, you must visit a doctor to find out the cause and start treatment

Here are the main signs that tell you that you have infections in your body.

General symptoms

There are many infections that affect the body, and the symptoms associated with inflammation differ depending on whether the inflammation is acute or chronic.

Symptoms of acute inflammation

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Acute inflammation is defined as the inflammation that begins quickly and becomes severe in a short period of time. Signs and symptoms may not usually appear for only a few days, but may last for a few weeks in some cases.

Symptoms of chronic inflammation

Symptoms of chronic inflammation range from mild to severe, and last for months or years

Treating infections

 The occurrence of inflammation is normal and normal, as an immune response from the body, but it is necessary to resort to appropriate treatment for the injured, to avoid the development of matters and the occurrence of bad complications, so doctors recommend the use of some medicines,



Topical pain relievers

Did you know that you can treat body infections by using anti-foods that can treat them? Inflammation is the one that causes most health problems, so when treating health problems, it is better to fight infections first, and there are many medicines that can treat and prevent inflammation, ranging from acute inflammation to chronic inflammation, but the best treatments for infections are foods rich in natural anti-inflammatories, and thus Following an anti-inflammatory diet is one of the safest and most effective ways to treat and prevent infections.