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Colors of life

Happy times my loved ones today. I would like to talk about the colors and their psychological connotations. We know that the colors are light waves and every color of the machine is its light wave that affects the eyes and thus the psychological effect of each color occurs. Let us plump the colors. Or between two colors, the main colors
White is the color of purity peace and hope and it is usually used in the medical department to denote hope and purity. Clearly due to the strength of its light waves
Blue is the color of the sky and the sea, and it is the color of dream calmness and silence and it has been used in the field of psychiatric clinics for its positive effect on psychological states. As for the dark blue indigo lumen is the color of confidence which is preferred to wear for work interviews because the language of the state says I am the people of confidence in this place or position, the yellow color of optimism happiness and fun who loves this color Tend to win
Friends, the wavelength of the light color of zero makes it a comfortable color, but the high degree of this color such as phosphorescent or bright, makes it unpleasant and annoying to the eye. Spiritual tranquility and use the role of worship for its spiritual effect on the soul.brought