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Corona and its impact on travel lovers, faraway places

Despite its distance, it was easily accessible, whether it was Mexico, the United States, Kenya, Vietnam or New Zealand, countries that were a few hours away by plane are now out of reach for many tourists.Before the Coronavirus, love of travel was a purely positive phenomenon for me, and a way to escape from the daily life in my mind, and dreams of travel can be implemented in every way,” says Elisavita Shadrin-Seh.And she goes on to say: "During Corona, I knew the frustrated longing for travel, the longing for the foreign world restricted by external forces and should remain suspended, for a temporary period at least." This is why, for her, the present feeling cannot really be described as a strong desire to travel.

Shadrin-Seh knows what she is talking about, as she is the publisher and editor-in-chief of the German travel magazine "Wernfeet Collective", based in Berlin.Indeed, the desire to travel is a mysterious feeling that travelers are currently re-exploring in the midst of the global pandemic.But what is the distance that drives the desire to travel?

Chadrin-S says that distance from where you live is not the criterion, but the opportunity to go through a different experience. "So I suppose that the desire to travel to Hiddense or Tirol is not typical of people living in Germany," she adds, referring to a German island in the Baltic Sea and the Austrian Alps. She sees traveling to close quarters as a desire to explore the local ocean.

Is a strong desire to travel enough for the holidays to start traveling to new continents when the pandemic recedes? This is not yet known.Tourism researcher Horst Opaschowski believes that people who take more holidays may rethink their approach.They will realize that during the coronavirus crisis, long-distance flights are no longer affordable," he says.It is expected that some will likely begin to consider adopting a new lifestyle and travel style, one that includes travel less frequently and to closer destinations.

With the decline in Coronavirus cases in some countries, some may want to spend the summer vacation on the beaches and enjoy the calm and recreation after the long periods of ban and closures. Here are some health advice and tips to consider when traveling to tourist destinations.

Wearing a mask

The mouth and nose mask has become a precautionary measure that must be worn in practical life, and even on holidays, and wearing a mask has become mandatory for most airlines or even when going out for shopping in tourist destinations.Professor Thomas Jellenick, a German travel medicine specialist, explained, "The mask must be replaced at least once a day, otherwise it will become a source of infection, and therefore tourists must take a sufficient number of masks on summer vacations or rely on washable masks."

Social distancing

Professor Jelinek explained that maintaining social distancing is the most important advice that must be adhered to while traveling in light of the outbreak of the Coronavirus. Therefore, activities and events that may turn into hotbeds for the spread of the virus to a large degree must be avoided, and those events in which people are exposed to infection more than expected.

And it can happen during holidays when going to nightclubs and parties, in which many people sing, scream and speak loudly in a confined space. The German professor added that beach parties are not currently suitable options. The risk of infection increases when the breeze blows from the outside and people sit next to each other.

Use of antiseptics

The German doctor advises tourists not to disinfect door handles themselves, and tourists must be confident that hotels and restaurants will do this task, but in return, the importance of disinfectants appears when using the toilet in railway stations or during flights; As tourists have to use disinfectants in such places.

Jelinek indicated that a small bottle of disinfectants is sufficient for one's use for about two weeks, and a small bottle can be placed in the handbag for use during travel and another in the large bag.The German doctor warned against excessive use of hand sanitizers. Since they may damage the skin flora and cause eczema, plastic gloves may make the situation worse.

Special towels

Jelenick does not see the necessity to bring special towels while traveling, as they take up space in the bag unnecessarily, and good hotels always wash towels more properly than at home.