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Forex pairs in forex trading

Forex pairs in forex trading, main and secondary pairs and also non - trading
Forex trading is buying any currency and selling other at the same time. This process can not be an individual process so when trading currencies we will always trade in pairs.

When trading between currencies is introduced, we are betting on the currency that we believe will be stronger or weaker against another currency in order to generate profits. This should be supported by economic information, not by a random way, and by movements of exchange rates.

In the following table, the currency on the right side of the table is in Arabic and on the left in English is called the base currency. The currency on the left is Arabic, and on the right in English is called the pricing currency. We know the pricing currency as its value against 1 unit of the base currency. So when we say that the EUR or the USD is trading at the level of 1.5000, this means that the Euro is worth US $ 1.50.The definition of the basic business is the basic process in the process of trading as it is the basis of trading for the purpose of buying or selling. So if we learn from the economic information that the euro will increase its gains against the dollar, we will buy EUR / USD. This means that we buy the base currency in euros, and we sell the US dollar pricing currency at the same time.If we know that the euro will fall against the US dollar, we sell the pair of these currencies, ie we sell the euro and buy the US dollar at the same time.When we buy the basic currency and we call it in the terms of traders buying the price rise any hope to profit from the rise of the currency pair. When we sell the underlying currency, we call that sell before the price falls (the hope is to take a profit from the currency pair falling).The main currencies of all its pairs are traded in USD by either party for its trading, either on the underlying or pricing side. They are the most traded pairs in the Forex market. The yield spreads of the major currencies are often low and liquid. The EUR / USD pair is the most traded and daily traded currency pair, reaching almost 30% of the total forex market. the husband Countries EUR / USD Euro Zone / United States USD / JPY United States / Japan GBP / USD United Kingdom / United States USD / CAD United States / Canada USD / CHF United States / Switzerland AUD / USD Australia / United States NZD / USD New Zealand / United States Pair of pairs or pairs of currencies Currency pairs that do not include the US dollar are identified as cross-currency pairs because the dollar is not traded in or cross-currencies.  In the past, if we wanted to convert a currency, we should first convert the currency to the US dollar and then to the other currency. Today, the creation of currency crosses is no longer necessary for us to carry out these calculations in which the dollar must be where all brokerage firms now offer direct exchange rates. The most active cross-sections of the three major currencies are derived from the US Dollar, the British Pound, the Japanese Yen and the Euro. The pairs of these currencies are also knowNon-current transactions Non-traded currency pairs of major currency pairs with an emerging or strong economy, but not as large as Hong Kong or Singapore and European countries outside the euro area. EUR/TRY Euro/Turkish Lira USD/SEK US Dollar/Swedish Krona USD/NOK US Dollar/Norwegian Krone USD/DKK US Dollar/Danish Krone USD/ZAR US Dollar/South African Rand US Dollar/Hong Kong Dollar These pairs are not traded in the major orsecondary currency pairs, so the price of these currency pairs may be higher than that of the major or secondary currency pairs as they are not readily available and are liquid in the market.n as secondary.