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How to take your first step for Forex

 Each of us should have grown up hearing something about the foreign exchange market or Forex and the advantages of this type of trading, which brings many opportunities of investment interest, which is possible with some to be profitable profits. The question here is, did you think about experimenting? You will not know where to start the first step towards Forex these next few lines will introduce you to the fundamentals of Forex and you can start your fast participation in this market, which grows non-stop and has no limits.In the past, the foreign exchange market was limited to large traders such as large multi-national corporations, partnerships and national banks, but in 1980 the rules that allowed small investors to participate by using margin accounts were changed.And known and flourished Forex traders and enjoyed great popularity because of changing the laws and start to use margin accounts and through margin calculation, the trader can trade in an amount he does not have at all to pay after trading with part of the profits by ensuring his account.You must be familiar enough to start your first step towards Forex so that you can make your investment decisions in order to be able to make profits Forex trading is not easy, yet you will need some knowledge to make wise investment decisions. Forex trading is neither easy nor easy, but you need to know this type of trading and make correct decisions so there are no losses.

The initial movement for you in this market should be to collect as much knowledge as possible about all that relates to this type of trading before you start to risk even a little.In most cases, everyone who enters into this type of transaction needs an intermediary to execute decisions and transactions quickly and easily Most brokers with a good reputation are associated with major financial institutions such as banks.The good broker will be registered with The Commission on Futures Trading (FCM) and the Commodity Futures Commission (CFTC), whose mission is to protect against abusive and fraudulent practices.The good mediator has been approved to register his name in those committees.We will now turn to opening an account for Forex trading and it is very easy as it stops filling a form of personal information for you.The model includes a margin agreement that allows the broker to intervene in any transaction that may need to be intervened. This is done to protect the interests of intermediaries since most transactions are carried out using intermediary funds.Once you have established your account you can start depositing money to begin trading currencies.Experienced brokers in this field provide you with various types of accounts to suit your needs as investors. These accounts can allow you to enter the world of Forex trading for $ 250.There are also standard accounts that may require a minimum deposit of between $ 1,000 and $ 2,500 depending on the terms of each broker. There is a term in the world of forex called the amount of leverage is the amount of money that can be borrowed to the trader through the broker and different leverage financial according to the type of each account.It is better for a novice investor to first practice on the Forex market using "paper trading" for a while to gain the first experience. This method of experimental training does not use real money.Paper transactions are transactions for the purpose of training and therefore no real money is used. This training is conducted by most forex brokers and in most cases it has a specific duration close to the month until it exempts the investor training on this type of trading and acquires part of the experience before the beginning of trading in currencies in practice and beginning to achieve profits.All forex brokers offer their own software tools to execute transactions, but there are a few common tools for all forex brokers such as news, spot quotes, technical analysis, graphics, and profit and loss analysis tools.All the information on the Internet and private information, explanations and information about trading and provided by all intermediaries to their customers.Brokers broker their money through "spreads", which is the difference between the prices of supply and demand. Forex transactions do not have commissions and can be followed by operations without worrying about large expenses or commissions to the broker.