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Learn more about Forex Aggregate Risk In terms of immediate and forward contracts, the total amount of risk to which the Bank is exposed to a customer per day is 0 American Option - American choice This means that he can exercise this choice on the holiday Appreciation Strengthening the currency in line with the current situation in the market and not by formal procedure. Arbitrage It is defined as a type of non-risk trading where the same instrument is bought and sold simultaneously in two different markets in order to benefit from the difference between them.About Used to give a forward price "at a premium / discount". Ask Price The price is acceptable to the seller and be the lowest possible price. Origin Is the right to receive a sum of currency from the counterparty, either in respect of an asset in the budget or on a specified date or cash transaction. At Best - Best Price Give instructions to recommend to the client to buy or sell at the best price currently available in the market At or Better - at a fixed price or better Receive an order to hold a deal at a specified price or betterm At Par Forward Spread - The forward price margin is similar to the cash rate When the forward price is similar to the cash rate at the same time. At the Price Stop-Loss Order - An order to sell at a stop loss price The receipt of a stop loss order must be executed regardless of the market condition. At-the-Money - The specific price is the market price The price or user is equal to or close to the current market price of the underlying item. Auction - Bid Sell something for the highest price from the bidder (1) It is heavily used in foreign exchange control systems to allocate foreign exchange currencies (2) used to allocate US Treasury bills, which are government securities to small investors who are given the right to authorize banknotes. The average issue price is calculated on the basis of the offers on the market at the same time. Average Rate Option - average rate of choice This choice is sometimes called the Asian choice and the contract is the price used depends on the difference between the price and the average price of cash throughout the contract period. Back Office Settlement and related processes.Back to Back - Counterfeit (1) a transaction in which all liabilities and debts are reflected in another transaction (2) a commercial transaction in which the loan is in one currency in any country for a loan in another country and in another currency. Balance of Payment A systematic record of economic operations during a given period of time. Balance of Trade - Trade Balance In which the non-visible items are usually excluded and referred to as commercial transactions in which the value of the exports is incurred after the import is introduced. Prices can be given when the goods on the ship (FOB) are delivered next to the steamer (Fez) or after customs clearance. Currency fluctuation line A range that is allowed to move the currency through it. This system is used in the exchange rate (ERM) method. Bank Line The credit limit allowed by the bank to the customer. >